Sue Amory Verner

Meet Sue Amory Verner

When Sue was a child, her father spun tales for her at bedtime, and she learned the love of story. When she was in preschool, she read the works of Dr. Seuss, and she knew the joy of imagination. When she was in elementary school she read Laura Ingalls Wilder and saw the strength of love. In middle school she read S.E. Hinton and learned the value of being real. When she was in college, she read J.R.R. Tolkien and understood the power of courage.

Today, Sue writes stories to bring imagination, love, honesty, and courage to a new generation of readers.

-From the upcoming book The Ceremony 

She's lost both her family and her future. The only thing Lantana has left is the mark she received at birth. But she knows something that the rest of the Talrois don't. Her mark is nothing more than a lie.