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The Ceremony


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Meet Sue Amory Verner

Sue has always been a reader, but you can hardly give that for an answer when people ask you what you want to be when you grow up. So she gave other answers depending on the day and the weather and what pair of socks she was wearing. Still she remained a chain reader, putting down one book just to pick up the next, reading in secret under the covers at night. The books she read growing up led her to the far reaches of the world and to the innermost depths of humankind.

She attended the University of Delaware where she continued to read and also happened to get a degree in English Literature. After earning an M.A. in Linguistics, she travelled to East Asia to teach English as a second language and see some of the world in person. Her adventures finally landed her in Pittsburgh where she began to learn what really goes on in the minds and hearts of people.

After she became a freelance writer, she decided to try her hand at writing a short story which turned into a novel which turned into a personal revelation. She wanted to be a writer when she grew up.

Today, she writes. She dreams of new worlds and strong people who will not surrender to life’s calamities. She writes to give hope to her readers and show them the power of love and what it means to be courageous. She still has a stack of books (ok, several stacks) waiting to be read, but she does put them down so she can fill her own pages with words that come from her heart and mind.

Sue has been published in Pockets and Faces magazines and is excited about the upcoming publication of her first book The Ceremony.